Molly of Glen Bogle is just the right kind of cat for us.  She's the right size and weights 7 lbs.  Independent, loving and playful.  She never knocks anything down, sleeps at the foot of our bed, and plays in the sheets when they are being changed.  She welcomes everyone that visits us, never hides unless she is playing.  The most beautiful cat face we have ever seen and company raves about her.  Large eyes, long whiskers and she hardly sheds.  She enjoys her weekly combing and does a "roll over" for treats.  She is part of our family and we love her dearly.     Sally and David.

Crinkle is a wonderful cat, very loving and playful!  We are very happy that we chose to adopt a Scottish Fold from you.  Thanks again for our wonderful cat!     Tom and Delia

Riley and Skyler:  Besides being absolutely spectacular looking, they have the sweetest temperament and play personalities.  We could not be more pleased with them.  It was well worth the flight to Spokane to pick them up.  As I said, we love them so very much.    Tara and Al

Bailey:  I took her into the Vet for her Rabies shot and the office went wild.  Had to wipe all the lipstick off of her face when I got her home.  The nurse called another customer to come see, and the woman went nuts, saying she was show quality and the cutest fold she had ever seen.  'The office staff wanted me to leave her there for a day so they could spoil her.  She has bonded with my older cat and they are sleeping in the same bed, couldn't believe it.    Susan

The kittens are wonderful of course, I named the fold Gretchen and the SE Mabel.  I decided to create a photo blog to watch them grow and to stop pestering everyone constantly by sending pictures.  I am always taking pictures, as I love them so much.  The web site is:       Brandy

I have had Scottie about 4 years now and she is the sweetest cat I have ever had.  She has never ever gotten into anything and even does not get on the counter tops.  She is predictable and so even tempered and lovely.  Thanks so much for her.   Ian

I am so glad that we got two kittens from you.  They play together, sleep together, eat together and are just so much fun and I am just really glad we got them both.  I'm actually thinking about buying my parents a straight ear because I love the Scottish Fold breed.  They are never in a room without us and it's just so darn cute.  Thanks Laura

We continue to get updates and pictures from our adoptive parents on our precious bundles of fur.  We love to know how they are doing and appreciate them keeping us updated.