A deposit of $800.00 will hold a folded ear kitten, $400.00 for a straight ear kitten, until it is old enough to be adopted out, approximately at 3 months of age.  Because of the demand for the Scottish folds, a non refundable deposit is required to hold the kitten.  Your deposit goes toward the purchase price of the kitten when you choose your kitten.  The deposit can be made with a personal check or money order, the balance, including shipping costs must be paid in full prior to shipping.  If you are picking the kitten up in person, we require cash or a money order at that time.

After picking out your kitten we try to send pictures every 2-3 weeks so you can watch your kitten grow.  This depends on the size of the litter.  If we have 7 kittens, it takes about 100 pictures to get at least 3 good pictures of each kitten, as those little fur balls never sit still for more than 2 seconds, and turn their head before the camera can capture their faces.  We have hundreds of pictures of their back side.

Shipping is available from Spokane, WA in the summer and Las Vegas in the winter for the Continental United States only.  The approximate cost of shipping, including the crate, health papers, Vet checkup and airline ticket is approximately $425.00.  (We have not shipped recently so it could be higher, we send you the receipts)..  Shipping can depend on weather conditions on both ends, so please be patient.  Airlines will not ship in extremely hot or cold weather.

We breed the Scottish Folds that are recognized by the CFA association.  Some breeders are going against this policy and breeding the flat faced Persian folds and now those kittens can not be shipped as they have breathing problems and in a couple years have teeth problems. 

Our kittens will have their first two kitten vaccinations before being placed into your home.  In keeping with our cattery policy, all "pet-quality" kittens will be spayed or neutered before the kitten leaves the cattery at 3 months of age. 

Our cattery has a Folds Contract (Purchase Agreement) for placing kittens.