> We recommend, and feed all our kittens Blue Buffalo.  Our adult cats are fed Blue Buffalo mixed with                                   Costco's Nature's Domain in the orange bag.  Feeding the Nature's Domain alone is great food all by itself.  If you                       can get to Costco, Beyond, is a great cat food also.

  • We breed our kittens following the CFA and Tica cattery rules.  (only allowing us to breed to American or British Short hair cats).  Some breeders have veered off onto breeding to Himilian Shorthair or Persian, or similar flat faced cat, which gives these kittens medical  problems, short palates causing breathing and teeth problems, so some of the airlines are now refusing to ship Folds because of these defects. 
  • All our folded ear kittens have the small 1" ear that sit tightly on top of their head, . 
  • Our kittens do not leave the cattery until they are 3 months old, depending on their weight, and size of litter.  They will be neutered/spayed, will have their 2 kittens shots and be de-wormed, before leaving the cattery.
  • We usually have 1 - 2 litters a year.  Once a deposit is paid, the kitten is yours until you find your perfect kitten.  All our kittens come with a CFA certificate and transfer papers.
  • Scottish Folds eye change from blue at birth to gold in their third-fourth month.  If buying a fold over 4 months old and their eyes are not gold, they are not a true Scottish Fold.
  • Scottish Folds do not like dirty litter boxes.  If not cleaned often, they will find another place to use. 
  • We try to send pictures of your kittens occasionally so you can watch your kitten grow.  Sometimes this takes 30-40 tries.
  • Our kittens are raised underfoot, not in a hidden area, and can be seen anytime upon appointment.
  •  If we can ship, we have to wait until the temperature on all stops have to be above 45 degrees.  Plus it takes about 2 weeks to get the health and exam certificate from the Vet.  which is good for only 10 days.
  • When they go to their new adoptive homes, they develop their personality from you and your surrounding environment.  If you want a lap cat, you have to let them know your wishes, and take the time to hold them on your lap throughout the day. They will follow you around where ever you go, as Folds want to be where you are; in the same room, where they can see you.  They are social animals, they sit like a prairie dog, and have the softest coats.
  • Folds are very intelligent cats, you will be surprised at the things that they can do.  I put an empty toilet paper roll between  the door and frame, and in a couple days, they will have the knowledge on how to get the door open with out the roll.
  • The food we recommend has the first 3 ingredients being a meat product, the rest fruit and vegetables. (no soy or corn).  We recommend Costco's Nature Domain, in the orange bag,  Wal-mart's Beyond, also Blue Buffalo, which is to rich for some folds, and we mix with one of the above foods. 
  • Janice has 1 Scottish Fold folded ear male that she breeds to her registered American Shorthair  once a year.
  • Marilyn has 1 Scottish Fold, folded ear female that she breeds to her registered American Shorthair once a year.
  • Amber has 1 Scottish Fold, folded ear female that she breeds to her registered American Shorthair twice a year.
  • All our breeders have been tested for all diseases with yearly visits to the Vet.
  • If you have any other questions not addressed here, please feel free to contact us for the answers.






Breed:  Scottish Fold 

Color   Your Choice 

Sex:     Your Choice 

Date of Birth:                                    Litter#

Sire Name:    __________________CFA# _______

Dam Name:   __________________CFA# _______

CFA Cattery #211151

Purchase Price (With Breeding Rights) N/A 

Purchase Price (Without Breeding Rights) $_______ for a straight ear kitten. 

 Purchase Price (Without Breeding Rights) $________ for a folded ear kitten 

Purchaser agrees to the following terms: 

Seller warrants that this cat/kitten is presented in sound health and not harboring any diseases or parasites. Seller guarantees the general health of this cat/kitten for a period of 5 days on condition that it is properly cared for and quarantined. Seller highly recommends that Purchaser takes this cat/kitten to a licensed veterinarian within 5 days of receipt for their own satisfaction of health. 

If during this time period Seller is notified by Purchaser of a health problem which is proven to have existed at the time of sale, Seller will refund the purchase price or replace with cat/kitten of equal value (Seller’s option) upon receipt of said cat/kitten, any papers provided (i.e. registration/pedigrees) and a veterinarian’s written statement of the health problem. Seller does not accept the responsibility of any vet bills unless written authorization states such. 

Purchaser agrees to care for this cat/kitten by providing adequate indoor facilities to maintain proper nutrition, to get the cat/kitten normal yearly inoculations as recommended by a licensed veterinarian, and if deemed necessary, prompt medical attention. 

Purchaser agrees that this cat/kitten will never be given or sold to any pet shop, research laboratory, humane society or similar facilities.  Kitten will never be de-clawed. 

Purchaser agrees to contact Seller if this cat/kitten is to be resold/relocated and give Seller first option to buy back this cat/kitten for an amount no greater than the original purchase price. If ownership does change with Seller’s permission, Purchaser will inform new owner of the agreements in this contract and the new owner will be expected to honor same terms and conditions. 
If this is a Folded ear cat/kitten there is no guarantee as to the degree of the Fold it will maintain, which may change due to age, heat cycles, stress, illness or temperature. 

Purchaser agrees that any violation of the terms of this contract may result in the surrender of said cat/kitten, any registration/pedigree papers, to expect no reimbursement of purchase price, deposit, or expenses incurred, and Purchaser may be subjected to monetary damages to Seller. Purchaser agrees that any court/legal action will be filed/held in Spokane County, Washington and will assume responsibility for court costs. 

A non refundable deposit of $800.00, will hold a folded ear kitten and a deposit of $400., will hold a straight ear cat/kittens until he/she is twelve weeks of age. Please fill in the information below, sign the form, keep one copy for your records and mail or e-mail a signed copy back to me. The balance is to be paid in full, including shipping costs (if kitten is to be shipped) prior to shipping the kitten, via cash, money order, cashier’s check or Paypal account. 

Purchaser’s signature indicates that he/she has reviewed contract with Seller prior to purchasing said cat/kitten and is in full agreement to the above terms and conditions.   All information regarding the kitten of your choice and parents information will be sent to you on the the official contract, which will be sent with all official registration papers etc, on your kitten after purchase.

Purchaser’s Name: ________________________________________

                Address: _______________________________________

                City, State, Zip: __________________________________ 

                Phone: ____ ____________________________________

                E-mail: _________________________________________ 

               Signature: _______________________________________

If you make a payment through Paypal, for Janice her Paypal address is:  (yes that is a dash between air and pipe) (There is a fee for this service through Paypal, which will be added to your payment).  Please call to let us know your intentions.  You can call  Marilyn at 509-891-2778, cell 509-999-5663,. or Janice at 509-999-3588 or more information..

If you want to pay Marilyn through Paypal, her email address for Paypal is:  If you have any questions, please feel free to call and we are always happy to send you more pictures if you are undecided.  As always, it is the first deposit we receive on that kitten, that reserves your kitten.