THE NEW SCOTTISH FOLD KITTEN                              Information for the Scottish Fold Buyers.

About 10 years ago, a lot of the cat breeders out of Seattle decided not to keep the Scottish Fold breed pure, by following the official CFA, ACFA and TICA organizational programs rules and regulations, which had been well researched to keep the Scottish Fold Kittens free of defects and health problems.   These breeders started their own unauthorized breeding program, breeding Scottish Folds to the Persian, Himalayan, and Exotic Shorthair cats with the smashed in faces. 

Because of their new unapproved program, we now have a new breed of Scottish Fold kitten that cannot breathe with a nasal passage that is too small for the folds and most have a cleft palate with the Vets recommending they get their teeth pulled to help this issue.  These cats have a very short life span with many health problems.  If you are in the process of looking for a Scottish Fold, make sure the kitten you are considering has a pointed nose, not a flat face. 

My advice, if you are looking for a Scottish Fold, whether buying from us or another breeder, we want you to buy a healthy kitten by finding a reputable breeder that can give you references and provide the kittens registration paperwork, proving that both of the kittens parents have had their pedigree researched and approved through one of the above organizations.   The Scottish Fold is a healthy cat which should live about 15+ years without any health problems.  

We have been in the Scottish Fold business for over 15 years; all our kittens’ blood lines are pure and all are registered through CFA.  We stand behind our Folds 100%. and our Vet checks out all our kittens regularly.   Please call if you have any questions and feel free to check out the other pages on our website for other unanswered questions.



I am closing down my breeding program, as I am getting to old to continue.  Carefully read all the sugesstions on my website before buying, as a lot of breeders are changing the approved CFA rules and the kittens are having a lot of health problems.  When you go into a cattery, let your gut tell you whether you should buy from that person. Ask a lot of questions, if the cats face and nose are smushed in, you do not want that cat.   There are very few reliable catteries selling true Scottish folds now, so be very careful.  Good luck