Welcome to Margo and Janica's Scottish Fold Kittens

We are breeders of Champion Scottish Fold kittens, registered through CFA, and stick strictly to their rules and regulations.  We are located in the farming community of  Latah, and Spokane Valley, WA.   Our kittens are only available to pre-approved families who satisfy our personal criteria -  We have been adopting out Scottish fold kitten to the area for the past 15 years with the best of reputations, as we stand behind our Folds and have many return parents spreading the word.

 We feel that our responsibility for the kitten's welfare should not end when we wave goodbye at the door.  Hence a lifetime of support and advice is always offered.

Janice lives on a ranch with her husband and besides raising Scottish Folds, she has 3 Tennessee Walker horses and 6 grand children.  She has 1 Queen, which she breeds once a year.

Marilyn just retired from the Sheriff's Department and is enjoying retirement raising Folds and selling beaded fringe on E-bay at: 
Marilyn's Fringe and Trim.     Marilyn and Amber each have 1 Queen, which they breed once a year.  Our kittens are our family pets,  We love raising the new kittens, so we have the best of both worlds.

We are members of the international Scottish Fold Asso. and CFA.  We breed for quality rather than quantity; our goal is to produce cats that are not only unique and beautiful,  but happy as well.  All our kittens are raised with lots of love and attention.  We have a closed cattery and all of our kittens and cats have been tested for any disease and are always current on all their shots.   Each kitten, before being placed, will have a health record and carefully checked over by our Vet, which we work closely with to ensure every kitten and adult in our cattery is healthy.

When you first lay your eyes on a Scottish Fold, you cannot help falling in love with them.  Our breeders are our pets and very social, they sleep on the bed with us and follow us where ever we go.  Scottish Folds are a healthy, hardy cat with a lifespan of approximately 15-18 years.  They are a sweet natured cat who is usually quiet voiced and loves to help supervise whatever you happen to be doing.  Their activity level is in the medium range.  Not every Fold will be a lap cat, but can usually be found close to you.  They love to sleep flat on their back and can often be found sitting up on their haunches like an otter.  A Scottish fold will make a loving, tolerant pet and a loyal companion to his human family - but especially to that one special person who captures their heart and devotion.  You will find after having a Scottish Fold, your next cat will also be a Scottish Fold, as they are the sweetest cats.

All our kittens have the tight folded ears, where the ears fold down tight to their head.  Scottish Fold kittens either have the folded gene or they do not and are then classified as a straight ear Scottish Folds.  THERE IS NO IN-BETWEEN.  (If it is called a single or double fold, it is not a true Scottish Fold). 

If they have the folded gene they have very small folded ears that sit flat on their head.  The older they get the closer the ear sits on the head.  Folds have round faces and round eyes.   If they are slightly folded, (double folded they say), somewhere in their background, they have not been properly bred to an authorized mate, which means they are not a true Scottish Fold.  The Scottish fold, fold, can only be bred to a straight ear fold, an American Shorthair, or a British Shorthair.  The straight ear folds have the normal sized ear of regular kittens, but have all the Scottish Fold traits, (intelligence, sitting up on their hind feet to see something better, sitting in the Buddha position, and lying flat on their backs to sleep).  All folds have extremely soft coats.
When it is extremely hot, they will raise their ears a little to help cool down their bodies, or when they are extremely upset. 

For information you can contact:

Marilyn Godin

509-891-2778 or cell 509-999-5663

E-mail:  margo99037@yahoo.com


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Cell 509-999-3588 or text same #

E-mail    janica@air-pipe.com


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Marilyn 509-891-2778  Cell 509-999-5663